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    “If Paradise was somewhere, then it would be in Naxos”

    -Nikos Kazatzakis


    7 good reasons to choose Naxos....

    • The biggest island of Cyclades, Naxos' rich history is told through its wealth of ancient buildings.
    • Over 10 must visit, archeological monuments and museums representing the culture and history of Ancient Greece!
    • A gastronomic paradise! Taste our traditional cuisine with local ingredients; Naxian potatoes, cheese, organic vegetables and fresh fish and seafood.
    • The picturesque traditional villages of Apollon, Potamia, Halki, Filoti, and Apeiranthos.
    • St George,Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Mikri Vigla beaches offering lots of water sports and lively fun.
    • The beautiful tranquil beaches of Plaka, Orkos, and Aliko for those wishing to escape it all.
    • Frequent festivals all over the island during the summer months for our culture-loving travellers!

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